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Do you wish to avail the construction or remodeling plumbing services at affordable prices? Then, sign up for the KOR PLUMBERS CO’s services today! Offering comfortable and cost-effective services plans, we have divided them into four main categories- Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

Apart from some exclusive and special services, there are certain basic facilities available in all the packages. These are,

Same Day Emergency Service
Discounts on Equipment Purchases
All Comfort Plan holders receive priority service – moved to the front of the line!
Bi-annual Check/Service
After hours service is available
Filter changes (filter provided by owner)

To add on, you can also take benefit of 1-2 year full warranty on repairs (in case of newly built plumbing construction).

Basic Plan
The Basic Plan involves:
Filter Changes (Provided by Owner)
Priority Service (If you have any Comfort Plans, you go to the front of the line!)

After hours service is available

10% Discount on Repairs
Discounts on Equipment Purchases
Heating: Off-Season Check/Service
Cooling: Off-Season Check/Service
UV Bulbs (Provided by Owner)
Same Day Emergency Service

Silver Plan
Apart from all the services, included in the basic plan, these are some other utilities, which define this plan. These are, 
• Diagnostic Fees Included
• 2 yr. Full Warranty on Repair
• 20% Discount on Repairs

Similarly, the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan have ample of services, which are not included in the above-mentioned packages. To know about them in detail call or email us at our contact address. 


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Saturday: 09:00 to 19:00
Sunday: Open 24 hours